Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Energy Reserves

In training quality rest serves an important purpose, without it muscles cannot rebuild properly and the risk for over use injuries increases. Sometimes I find it difficult to take a rest, in the thick of habit, used to my daily flow of endorphins.

In the past few months I have taken a rest from active training and explored and got reacquainted with some new activities. I feel the better for doing so, but I miss running and all the little victories I celebrated on the way to the marathon. These changes and the emotional heavy lifting of the past month have left me with less than my usual stock of energy. I find myself worn out frequently. Tired.

So, instead of fighting past this fatigue, I've decided to sit with it and to rest and re-build my energy reserve. I am planning several weekends away in the coming weeks and hoping to use that time to recharge my battery that sometimes feels close to dead.

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Nat said...

I don't think the heat is helping--maybe you should factor in the heat, too? Heat and humidity will sap at your energy reserves until your body adjusts to the hotter temps this year. Especially if it's affecting your sleep. But a couple weekends away is probably just what the DR ordered! It'll sorta force you to rest, and the change of scenery should also be good for perspective, if nothing else. I hope you can blog on the road :)