Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carry Me Ohio

Stomp the Grapes is fast approaching, and I have to say that I am feeling good mentally and physically about the race. This will be my fourth half marathon and I'm looking forward to getting out of town, discovering a new place, and running through a vineyard, something I have never had the pleasure of doing.

I ran the Golden Triangle Loop this morning with my running buddy, we skirted along the glossy dark rivers of Pittsburgh. The leaves have begun to fall in earnest creating red and gold coatings on the trail and the surface of the water. Running in the morning has a different tone than the evening -- the mind wakes up instead of powering down, it warms up the body for the day ahead. Running in the morning makes me feel like I lay claim to some time otherwise lost in sleep.

I will report back on the race upon my return. I plan to shift my focus to overall strength training (though I will not stop running of course) in this upcoming interim time. I want to start marathon training as healthy and strong as possible.

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