Monday, November 17, 2008

Heck of a Hiatus

It's been a sparse month here on the sapphic runner blog. So sparse, I haven't written (or published) a single blog in the month of November. I would love to chalk it up to some grand scheme I've been involved in, but it's more the product of the way things slip away everyday. I have also taken a bit of a break from active training which will come to end in December with the commencement of marathon training.

Trust that I have not given up running entirely, even as I do battle with my first cold of the season. Yesterday by buddy and I went out in the first sleety snow of the season for a bracing run, snaking through the encampments of many a Pittsburgh tailgater. There's an energy like no other before a game in the 'burgh, and I often like to take it as an observer rather than an active participant.

Outside of the active sphere, there's a lot to talk about, a lot going on -- but I am feeling even more introspective than usual. At the end of this week I will be turning thirty and this has churned up more than my normal amount of reflection. Hence the lack of a journal for public consumption. I hope to formulate some thoughts to mark the event, to share with the wider world but until then will most likely remain silent, contemplative.

Until then, dear readers, I invite you to do some contemplation of your own, meditation, reflection, spurred on by the darkening skies and growing chill in the air.

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