Friday, January 2, 2009


I am not much for New Year's resolutions, though I do believe January is a good month for self cultivation and renewing one's focus. 2008 was a year of deep internal change for me. I started the year with a completely different perspective than I ended it with. I struggled this past year and while that's never something I strive for, I believe through the struggle I have learned some valuable lessons, I've become more intimate and real with myself. For this I am thankful.

Expansion. Making bigger. Growing my universe. That's what I've decided to focus on this year, a dedication to a concept that's larger than any one particular goal. I visualize a path starting from a firm grounded centered and spiraling outwards, tightly connected to my core but allowing for a wider reach, a wider scope.

Ethereal, yes, in the sense that guiding principles often are, but focused nonetheless. I have cultivated a base, of miles, of support, of knowledge and I want to go further with it, run further open myself and my heart further. Unfurl myself without becoming untethered.

The practical will come. For now I'm keeping my head in the clouds and my feet firmly on the ground.

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