Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Creature of New Habits

I came across an interesting article in the NY Times -- which relates well to my current state of affairs re: developing new habits. Check it out for yourself here:

Change as a precursor to expanding creativity and innovation. I like that. I am on my way to developing a new biking habit, and so far I'm enjoying the process (if not the swarms of gnats along the riverfront trail). Protein aside, a gnat in the mouth is not a pleasant experience.

This evening I'm planning a bit of a return to old habits with some time on the trusty treadmill. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a relatively pain free run.


Nat said...

Interesting article, Ellen. Good luck pushing into your "stretch zone" (what child psychologists might call the zone of proximal development) without going into the "stress" zone. I know it can be easy to feel overwhelmed during periods of change, and the weather certainly isn't helping! I feel for you because I think I was there myself this time last year. And I feel like I am changing up my workouts lately, too, pushing myself in new ways. But we will feel so much better in the long run when we challenge ourselves, set new goals and then reach them, right? You're on the right path, my friend. And I'm totally looking fwd to lifting a glass on Friday, to toast new beginnings for this summer!

The PL said...

You need safety goggles and a mouth guard!