Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Used Up

Welcome, dear readers, to my spanking new blog, I figure this first entry will be an introduction of sorts. I hope to use this blog as a means to reflect upon my running, motivate me to run more, and to gain a sense of perspective in this thing called life.

Last month I ran the ING Georgia Marathon, which was my first marathon and the culmination of a year of running and training. I journeyed to Atlanta with my girlfriend who had been supporting me throughout the entire training, dealing the ins and out of early nights, weary bones, and a ravenous appetite. Despite a relatively frustrating start, the race went well -- I finished the race in 4:36, which was a good showing for my first (very hilly) marathon. I was buoyed by my favorite old neighborhoods from when I lived in Atlanta, Emory, my alma mater, Decatur, and Piedmont Park. Running in the burgh' gave me a false sense of security when it came to the hills -- they posed more of a challenge than I had thought.

I expected at the end of the race to feel extremely triumphant, but what I felt was more a sense of using up all the reserves my body had built. Sure, I was happy that I'd finished, and finished well but I just didn't have the energy to enjoy my accomplishment in the way I'd had it had half and even 20 mile races. I also knew that I wanted to do it again, to see if I could improve, to push my potential even further.

It took me a few days to get over the acute soreness following the marathon, hobbling about was a badge of honor as well as a humbling experience. I shuffled from place to place, I needed more time, more patience. A week out, I got on the treadmill and managed a paltry half mile before my muscles rebelled. I gave myself time to rest, and have been able to run a bit, but am now struggling with IT pain. I've extended my rest period and am starting to focus on cycling, swimming, and the all too boring ellipticals to keep my core fitness.

So here I am, a marathoner without her next goal, used up and slightly broken. Recently single again, I feel in both running and love I have accomplishments behind me and an uncertain future in front of me. I hope to use my base, what I've learned, and the help, support, and encouragement I've received to get out again, at my own pace. In time both my broken heart and broke body will heal, and with the help of this blog I will chronicle the highs and lows of the next leg of my journey.


Ehrrin said...

LOVE the blog! more, more, more!

Nat said...

Bookmarked the blog and looking forward to reading more soon!

Kara said...

Great title! I always enjoy your blogs, so I am excited by the new location.

Jessica said...

Congrats on the marathon AND starting a new blog! I'll add a link on my blog too. Hope you're well! :)