Monday, May 19, 2008

Peaks and Valleys

Another unpredictable weather weekend in Pittsburgh, and I did my best to take advantage of sun breaks to enjoy the outdoors. Saturday during the day my activity buddy extraordinaire and I partook in the Venture Outdoors festival. Despite a little rain, the bike over to Herr's Island was lovely. I enjoyed walking around and soaking in the activity around me. We took some kayaks out and I managed fairly well though it always look much less laborious then it turns out to be. My first experience with kayaking, which occurred in the bio luminescent bay in Puerto Rico was an exercise in frustration, which ended in a very turned around Ellen having to hook on to my friend Jen's boat and be pulled along, after trailing 10 minutes behind the group. After that humbling experience, the thought of kayaking invoked a kind of fear of humiliation. I am glad to report that I am on my way to overcoming this, even though my novice status still applies.

I also purchased a sweet backpack that I plan on taking with me when I bike around town -- it promises to increase my visibility, check her out:

Wild. All and all I thoroughly enjoyed the festival and am looking forward to next year.

Sunday afternoon I headed out to North Park for a run. I decided it was time to try the 5 mile loop, one I used to train on frequently pre-marathon. The sun came out and I strapped my IT band brace on and headed out, ipod on shuffle and hopeful. I kept a consistent pace, slower than my usual and was able to complete the full 5 miles! I feel strong and on my way to overcoming this injury. I plan on taking it easy and slowly increasing mileage for a few weeks until I try to get my speed back, but I'm back to running and it feels terrific.

Healing. It's an interesting process, and one that we as humans do time and time again. Pain happens, sometimes at our own invitation, sometimes by accident, sometimes through the will of another. We bandage up, rest, apply ice, cry, and accept hugs and the nervous laughter of those around us. With adequate coaxing and care, the body heals itself, cells regenerate muscles regain their former strength. It takes time but eventually we get better. Emotional healing follows a similar pattern though it is not so easy to see the scabs. Sometimes the hurt gets aggravated and sometimes it feels as though it has disappeared completely, only to come back stronger the next day. But bit by bit I am regenerating and feeling the connection between my body and mind -- enduring and embracing both the peaks and the valleys.

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The PL said...

I'm taking the credit for cheer-leading this bag into your possession :)