Friday, July 18, 2008

Bikes, Bikes, Everywhere

The brain works in some interesting ways, like when you learn a new word and suddenly notice it everywhere, people using something you previously were not aware of seemingly all the time. You wonder to yourself, how did I not know this before? Our world shoots so much information our way we can only deal with a slice of it -- we feel fully aware but we could never truly take all aspects of a situation in. I appreciate this filter, because it allows us to constantly discover things, things that may have 'been there' all the time.

I am noticing, suddenly, all the bikes in town, in the neighborhood, my neighbors bikes in the hallway. I have been observing the size, shape, make of the bikes that rush past me, the bikes that are haphazardly chained to parking meters. I size up riders and situations. Gathering information.

With my relatively small budget, I know that I won't get a top of the line super fast machine, it is mind boggling how expensive really good bikes can be, and I'm sure they are worth it for the money. Thankfully there are some bikes in my range that will suit my needs just fine, and I hope to get out and compare this weekend. I am looking forward to hitting the open road with a dash more speed.

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