Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Poolside Living Easy

The past few evenings I have made it up to the local pool for some much needed relaxation time. Monday night I swam a few leisurely laps and then sprawled out in the waning evening sun with my Runner's World. Last night I went with my best friend's son, quite possibly the most energetic four year old out there (or close to). We had a good time racing and swimming across the pool while his mother got a little solo run time in. Playing with him reminded me of how much fun it can be to just let go and have a good time, something I can easily lose sight of when I spend so much time in my head.

July provides a good backdrop for relaxation and I'm determined to relax to the fullest. Training for the marathon increased my awareness of what my body needs to perform at its best, and part of that involves recovery and restoration. Sleeping longer, eating more, quieting down and listening to my inner voice.

Next week I plan on picking up my training in earnest for the half marathon, though I plan on taking things easy as the summer dictates, taking in the vibrancy around me. This weekend brings the Pittsburgh Triathlon and Adventure Race, which I plan to watch and gather inspiration. Spending some time on the other end of the race, coffee in hand, watching other athletes give it their all.

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