Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

I had every intention of getting up at the crack of dawn and going out for a run. No really, I did. Unfortunately my '5 more minutes' turned into 30, and I missed my morning window of opportunity. I plan to try again tomorrow with the knowledge that I need to wake up immediately. It's hard to change habits, especially when it comes to the precious sleep cycle -- but I've decided to try for the sake of more training flexibility. I buoyed myself with thoughts of experiencing a new part of the day, discovering what happens when I am usually asleep, watching the sunrise. If all else fails I figure waking that early will make my coffee taste even better.

Last night I went out with my running buddy for a pleasant run up Stanton. I am trying to work the more hills into my training in preparation for Stomp the Grapes, and Stanton is a good one for a slow, steady climb. As much as I am resistant to Fall's early nightfall I have to admit the temperature is optimal for running. We finished the run as the darkness was descending and headed over to Dozen Cupcakes for a $1 cupcake -- the perfect ending to any workout.

Sunday's Great Race is approaching fast, and I feel prepared if unsure if my time with improve. It's hard to predict how any race will go beyond a general sense, I am hoping to pleasantly surprise myself.

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