Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Running

The Great Race went well -- I pulled out a personal record and ran faster than I usually do in a 5k. Not too shabby. The weather held out, staying cool and overcast, perfect conditions for a race.

As much as I enjoy racing, and I do, the excitement of it all, the adrenaline rushing through my veins, pushing myself and communing with my fellow runners sometimes the best runs I have are solo. Friday evening I had one of those optimal runs, I set out after work with the goal of getting in 6 miles. I felt antsy. I had been feeling the effects of particularly virulent pms along with a pretty dismal state of the union. I needed a release and there is none better than lacing up and hitting the trail. So that I did, and upon hitting said trail it the sky opened up and it began to rain lightly. I kept running, wiping rain water from my face every so often, squinting through the drops and enjoying their cooling effect. There were very few other souls on the trail and a the air had that pleasant ozoney smell I associate with childhood. I ran up onto Herr's Island, where some of the trees had been cleared recently, so I had a wonderful open view of the river. Wondrous. Time was short, or likely I would have extended my run for hours, or as long as the light held out.

I love running with friends, my regular running buddy, it pushes me and motivates me to do better, to hang on when I feel like quitting. But when I need to overcome the negative in me, rough emotions, there is nothing better than a realigning solo run.

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