Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Golden Delicious

Last night I got back on my bike for the first time since the accident and it felt great. I rode my old bike as my new one is still in the shop, taking a leisurely ride with my friend Heather done one side of the Allegheny and back the other. I still feel hyper vigilant and am easily startled but the act of riding feels right, delicious even.

Fall makes for getting down to business, a mood of easy diligence not yet ravaged by the cold and monotony of winter. Now that I feel physically back to normal, I've put my energies toward working on my speed for the upcoming Great Race and transitioning that into a strong half marathon. I opted to not do a long run this past weekend, running a mid distance with some tempo and easing back into things with my regular running buddy.

Things feel even and peaceful, settling down after disruption as I embrace the relaxed intensity of early Fall.

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